2 thoughts on “A GENESIS OF CREATION

  1. How are you Visiting Oromia? I loved your Magazine. You are doing a proud job, keep up the good work. This helps Oromia in many ways; it not only reveals and promotes the identity of our nation, but also gains confidence in our nation. When the enemy was breaking our nation, it was deliberately presenting Oromo as a nation that had nothing. That hurt our nation a lot. Now that the truth of Oromo is thus clear, it is of great benefit to our future growth and development.
    I ask you to correct a minor mistake. The name of Oromo wisdom keeper you have used in the article “a Genesis of Creation” is “Dabbasaa Guyyoo” and not Dhabasa Guyyoo. Galatoomaa!!
    Keep doing good job!!

  2. First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude for education the cultural preservation work y’all are doing.

    I also, the creation story is missing parts. The first page is posted twice. I look forward to reading the rest of the story.

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